ORC Document Archive

Welcome to the ORC Document Archive. This is a collection of notable archived & re-transcribed documents relating to the Old Roblox Community.

The documents here are attempts to maintain the same formatting as the original documents, but fix any spelling errors, organise them, and make them easier to read. No information in them has been changed, and information is given with no guarantee of accuracy or validity.

None of the information in these documents should ever be taken as fact; this site only aims to archive existing documents. As such, information in these documents should not be used as evidence in any situation, or be used for the purposes of proof, harassment, or defamation.


If any information on this site is untrue to the originals or if there are any documents that should be added, please contact me or file an issue on the project’s GitHub repository.


Other miscellaneous information that doesn’t fit anywhere else is listed below.


The ORC Document Archive is accessible at the following URLs:


Most documents on the site were originally distributed on Google Docs. Images are extracted from the documents and ordered, then the document is re-transcribed in Markdown by hand. If the document has export options enabled, this speeds up the process. “Web Page (.html, zipped)” is the easiest export option to work with. Note that documents from Google Docs may contain Unicode smart quotes, which should be replaced with normal quote marks.

If the document contains formatting issues or spelling errors, these are manually fixed. Document layouts that do not fit well into basic Markdown formatting are written with embedded HTML and CSS, and fonts and other layouts are adjusted to be reasonably uniform across the site. Basic changes (eg. text colour and justification, image location) are kept where possible. Related content, such as linked or embedded audio or video, is downloaded and embedded in the document.

Why not AsciiDoc?

I wish.


When documents are found to have been changed, they are also updated on the site.

Semi-related information that may also be of interest will be added to the Additions section. If information is requested by popular demand to be appended to the document in the event of large-scale misuse or harassment, the information may also be added. Misinformation, disinformation, or defamation alone is not a reason for removal or modification of a document, and information in them is never to be taken as fact. See the top of this page for more information.


The documents themselves have no licensing information attached to them. Information on the site is public domain.